Book an Overhaul with us!

Feeling a little jaded since the lockdown? Why not come in and see us for an overhaul. You can design your own package to the value of $5000 with a Payright interest free deal for high-end treatments with us.

You can choose between Cosmetic Tattoo, Plasma Face Lift, Plasma Body Treatments, Microchanelling for acne scarring and pigmentation or HIFU and Radio Frequency for Body Sculpting.

These treatments are only available on our Sydney campus in Baulkham Hills.

With our menu of high-end treatments you can design your own works package and we’ll give you an overhaul! What a good eal to bounce back from those long weeks of being a shut-in?

We look forward to hearing from you on, to book in or via our facebook page or Instagram @dermaltherapycollege

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