Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Course Refresher


By popular demand we have put on this course to aid experienced PMU artists who may want to check in on the latest styles and techniques for permanent makeup application. We will help you improve whatever skills you wish to focus on from  lips, eyeliner, eyebrows or scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Book now to gain an advantage from doing this course.

Advanced Tattoo Full Lip Colour and Blend


Tune into this great course to have an intensive training in the permanent makeup art of full lip colour and blend. Many permanent make-up artists have requested additional training in this technique, so we have put on extra classes to cater for this demand.

Advanced Tattoo Hair Strokes Technique


By popular demand we have put on this master class course for experienced PMU artists who would like a bit of extra training in this great technique.
We take you through all of the factors to consider when mapping, designing and applying hair strokes for elegant eyebrow tattoos. Book now to gain an advantage by taking this course.

Aquarelle Lips and Classic Eyeliner Masterclass


A special class designed to offer Master Class instruction for experienced cosmetic tatto and PMU artists. You choose whether you would like to focus on eyeliner or lip tattoo styles.

BB Glow


This course demostrates the steps required to carry out BB-Glow treatment for clients wanting a boost to their appearance. The treatment derives from Korea and has become popular in the west. It is a combination of deep skin rejuvenation treatment and permanent make-up.

CDT Certified Laser/IPL – 2 Days


Training in professional use of laser and or intense pulsed light (IPL) for hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation treatments, rosacea, birth marks and many other types of skin conditions. Tuition is both online theory and the option of one-to-one training via Zoom or in person.

Epigenetic Anti-Ageing Masterclass


An introduction to the theory and practice of anti-ageing treatments utilising scientific discoveries about epigenetic treatments for skin rejuvenation.



An overview of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) as an application used for skin rejuvenationand face and body sculpting . This course explains all of the theory and practice of HIFU and provides explanations about the safe methods of treating clients with HIFU for maximum results.

Korean Skincare


A great explanation of the theory and techniques that make Korean Skincare so much admired and copied around the world. Many techniques are used widely for anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and reversing sun damage. The details are enternaining, delightful and in many cases surprising – but defintely worth exploring. this course also gives you great tips on where to source many coveted items of Korean Skincare.

Laser Safety Certificate


An introduction to the theory and practical management of lasers in a clinic environment. Detailed explanation of how lasers work, how we can use them for skin rejuvenation, laser hair reduction and a variety of applications. Certificate is awarded for laser saefty training as required in Australia for laser licensing.

Lash Masterclass Course Package


Always wanted to upskill in the lash department- well here's your chance! We can offer you all the insights and techniques into how to provide great classic lashes, lash extensions and the lash lift. Book now to gain a certificate in a new treatment you may not have on your salon menu!



A great introduction to the treatment of microchanneling. This is a gentle, yet extremely powerful skin rejuvenation treatment that comes into its own in the treatment of acne scarring, pigmentation, anti-ageing and face and body sculpting. We explain the theory and pricatice of this great treatment both in the online course and optional extra practical one-to-one training.

Paramedical Breast Scar – Areola Tattooing


There is a shortage of PMU artists who know how to carry out this delicate and sensitive technique that is so needed by the huge number of women who are affected by breast cancer. In this course we teach you the theory and practical application of paramedical tattooing. From this course you will benefit from being able to provide a whole new treatment that will really make a difference to the self esteem of many.

Plasma Fibroblast Theory and Practice


This course aims at teaching students the theory and practice of Plasma Fibroblast. This is a skin rejuvenation technique that is aimed at encouraging skin rejuvenation for anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne scarring and skin tightening.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Masterclass


This is an excellent practical course detailing the theory and application of scalp micropigmentation (SMP). We show you how to plan you client's treatment, how to design a natural-looking hair-line, avoid the pitfalls of incorrect pigmentation and work with clients to achieve great results. This is a hands-on course that will empower you to practice this great treatment on your own clients.

Skin Micro Needling Package


A great introduction to the principals and practice of skin micro needling. We demonstrate and explain the theory and practical application of this treatment. We also show you ways to achieve great results and the techniques available to maximimise benefits for your clients.

Tattoo Removal Masterclass Course


This course gives you a great introduction to the principles and techniques of tattoo removal using a laser. We explain what to look for when your client presents with a tattoo they wish to remove. How to assess your clients for any possible safety or contraindication issues. We also show you the practical application of laser tattoo removal. As an optional extra we can provide one-one to one training in this procedure after you have completed the theoretical course online.

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Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Course Refresher


Advanced Laser Training


Aquarelle Lips and Classic Eyeliner Masterclass


BB Glow Masterclass Course Package


Dermaplaning – 1 Day


Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing




Imported Units Only


IPL & Laser Training


Laser Safety Certificate


Maintain Infection Control Standards


Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments